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We will supply quality solutions to your electronic component fulfillment requirements.

Government Contract Procurement Services

Electronic Components: On Time On Budget

At AGS, we work with manufacturers to supply quality electronic components to the United States military. We pride ourselves in supplying quality solutions to Government procurement processes for electronic components. Our cost, attention to detail and supreme customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.

What Government Agencies Should Know
government contracts
  • We don't bid on contracts we can't fulfill. We're firmly committed to supporting our military and we won't waste our military's valuable time and money on contracts that we can't support.

  • We understand military specifications and regulations. That means that you can count on us to source the correct materials that you need.

  • Because of our extensive network of manufacturers, we can locate those hard to source components. We can also guarantee you a quick product turn around and competitive prices.

  • Should any issues arise, we'll guarantee you a rapid response. We don't just talk customer service. We act.

What Our Manufacturers Should Know
  • We screen thousands of Government contracts daily and provide you only with the contracts pertaining to your line of business. There's no time wasted reading lengthy solicitations that don't benefit you.

  • We handle procurement processes, labeling, shipping, organizing deliveries, organizing inspections with government agencies, invoicing, and securing of payments.

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